tips på verkstad i skåne / av dr.tooth

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tips på verkstad i skåne
2017-02-08 kl 15:11

Hej allihopa!

I hope you don't mind me writing in english.. I am nybörjare båda på svenska och husvagn livet.

Last summer, we bought a fairly cheep 80-ta ADRIA 500 HUSVAGN (for family with 2 kids, 9 and 5 years).

It was the perfect size (sleep up to 5), weight (dragbil max 1190kg), and price for new beginner (15,000sek).. but unfortunately not the perfect condition.

We like it so far, and besiktning t.o.m sista april. That mean in is due for service now.

Known problem:
- fuktskada in the entrance door and front panel
- heater is not working (there is gas pipe, but not sure if it is connected to electricity too)
- the refrigerator works on electricity but not gas.. when switch to battery (the battery drain in less than 1 hour)
- previous owner disconnected water tank (due to green algae and fungi)
- handbrake needs some tension (too high to get brake to work)

The idea is to use it this season and may be the next one too.
Mainly our concern is the to fix the water system and refrigerator (gas) and adjust the brakes.

So, my question is:
- Where do you recommend good, ON BUDGET verkstad (since it is old husvagn) in skåne (lives in Malmö)?

- Is it mandatory to fix fuktskada to be godkänt in besiktning (I know it is expensive work)?

- How much should I consider paying for fixing these problems?

I apprecite all tips and answers
(hope this is the right forum to ask)

Täck på förhand!

2017-02-09 kl 21:01

Budget workshops are about as common as hen's teeth, I'm afraid. I've done my repairs myself so far, so the only workshop specialized in caravans and such stuff I know about is Bengt i Örkelljunga, at Skåneporten (along E4). But I doubt they are very cheap.
Thinking about it, there's Husvagnsreserven in Kristiandstad too.

Unless the Caravan is literally falling apart, in which case the bi-annual inspection isn't sensible to do anyway, that's not too critical on a caravan. But brakes are, of course, as is corrosion in the framework.
What kind of heating system do you have?

2017-02-11 kl 00:05

Any workshop that can fix a trailer can fix the brakes. I think that is the only thing i would pay someone to do and the "only" of the above problems that need to be fixad before ens april. The refrigerator is probably the burner, thats not so difficult to do yourself. Reconnect the water tank and desinfect the tank AND the piping. Or buy a used tank and do the same. About heater I ask the same as above.

Har en CABBY 515 F3-98 som dras av en Kia Sportage V6 -05.
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Anmäl dig till Husvagn & Campings nyhetsbrev så får du de senaste nyheterna i din mailkorg - varje månad.

Ja, jag är 16 år eller äldre och vill även få information från Husvagn & Camping/Egmont Tidskrifter och deras samarbetspartners.



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